Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tactical Thursday: The Sociology of Social Media

by Ben Wachtel


Social Media Manager Ben Wachtel discusses how people relate to each other on social networks in today's Tactical Thursday video.

Learn how to apply the latest research on Facebook and Twitter to your marketing strategy.




Video Transcription


Ben Wachtel: Hello, Internet. Welcome to Tactical Thursday. My name is Ben Wachtel, Social Media Manager and professional hand model. Today we’re going to be talking about Facebook. Something that I’ve been hearing about lot lately is that a lot of young people do not like Facebook. But everyone is on it and everybody checks it every day. 

Why? I recently read a study that the reason that people keep coming back is because it’s addictive and the reason why it’s so addictive is called affective forecasting. This is a psychological theory that basically says that people are really bad at predicting how they feel about things

So maybe you’re about to take a really hard test and you feel like you’re just dreading it but then the experience is not actually as bad as you think it’s going to be. Or you’re really looking forward to your birthday party but somehow it’s not as fun as you’d dreamed it would be. 

Well, the experience that you have with Facebook is the same way. It actually causes self-loathing and people being upset, people being jealous. And what happens is people think they’re going to go there and have these really intimate experiences. They see photos of their friends, they see pictures of people having a good time. 

But really what it makes you feel is lonely. Another similar study about Twitter found the same thing and there’s actually a lot of relationship dissatisfaction surrounding Twitter – people that are really active there and dealing with unhappiness and loneliness. 

Part of the reason why is another psychological theory that says we aren’t wired to be connected all the time. So when we have an expectation with a social network like Facebook or Twitter that our friends are always going to be there and that we’re always going to be connected, this is not only something that we’re not wired to handle but it’s just not something that’s a reality.

But what keeps people coming back is that they continue to estimate that they will have these experiences. So they come to Facebook and they think that they’re going to have this great experience. They check it five times a day but it actually makes you feel lonely and you don’t like it. 

Now by this point you’re probably wondering since this is Tactical Thursday how this applies to marketing, how you can actually use this. I think it goes back to the audience persona. You have to really know who your audience is and what they’re looking for. You also have to keep in mind that especially with social media, you have no idea what these people are really looking for because they don’t know. 

You can create these awesome posts, you can create memes and graphic images and you can supply them with great content. But even they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for. So you have to keep an eye on your analytics, you have to keep an eye on the interactions you’re having and the feedback you’re getting from other people and you just have to be careful that you’re always reaching this audience that you’re doing it in a way that’s a little bit more structured and that you don’t expect perfection all the time.

Thanks for listening. This has been Tactical Thursday. Hi, Mom.



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